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News: The SciTE4D text editor 0.17 is underway. Download now (6 Aug 2008)

People on the "D Programming Language" News Group started looking at many editors to see which one was the most useful editor for D. We found SciTE! The "Package" grew to what it is today with lots of integrated utilities written by "D Lauguage " community.

  pencil icon Customized Syntax highlighting
pencil icon AutoComplete: D keywords, module names of Phobos, Tango, DWin...
pencil icon Code folding for easy code viewing
pencil icon Auto indentation while typing
pencil icon Customized building : supported GNU make, Windows bat file and DSSS...
pencil icon F1 Help: open Helpfile on the keyword were the cursor is located.
pencil icon F7 or Ctrl+F7: building the project (if Makefile,build.bat or dss.conf exists)
pencil icon Press F5: Run the Binary
pencil icon Ctrl + F5: compile, link, and run the program srcfile
pencil icon Alt + D: pops up a list of the declarations in the current file
pencil icon Alt + M: pops up a list of modules
pencil icon Press F12: search for a declaration with an identifier under the cursor
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 Getting started



 Building Examples


SciTE4d is a stand alone application. you can figure this out in about 2 minutes.

1. Download and Install SciTE4D Text Editor:
Download now

3. Include path configuration

Open, modify to fit your import path.
The global include path is supposed to be set in scite4d\, the first line contain the include paths for libraries that all of your projects use (like Phobos or Tango). It is a list of paths separated by ; for example:\dmd\src\phobos;c:\dmd\tango
To change it, modify the line above accordingly and include it in your user options file.

4. building method Configuration

Open ...\ybud.conf, modified the make method to fit your needs.
The default make is Windows port of GNU make(mingw32-make.exe):

You may modified it e.g. make=make to fit your needs.

The default Makefile name is "Makefile":

The default Windows bat file name is build.bat:

You may modified it e.g. "building.bat" to fit you needs.
I recommend you that using dsss to build library, using GNU make to build binary.

5. Click desktop icon to start SciTE4D

1 GNU make example
Open ..\examples\makefile\test.d
press F7 (or Ctrl+F7) to build test.exe
Or press Ctrl+F5 to run test.d directly
press F5 to run test.exe after building

2 Windows bat example
Open ..\examples\bat\test.d
press F7 (or Ctrl+F7) to build test.exe
Or press Ctrl+F5 to run test.d directly
Press F5 to run test.exe after building

3 dsss example (If you have dsss installed)
Open ..\examples\dsss\test.d
press F7 to debug building
Or press Ctrl+F7 to release building
Or press Ctrl+F5 to run test.d directly
Press F5 to run test.exe after building

1. SciTE text editor 1.74
2. SEATD for SciTE 0.01.2
By Jascha Wetzel [firstname]
3. D Documentation CHM for DMD 1.027
By Vladimir Panteleev thecybershadow at
4. Build tool ybud 0.15
By yidabu

What's New:
Autocomplete up to date with DMD 1.033 and Tango 0.99.7
Added Ctrl+F5 to excute "dmd -run currentFile.d args..."
Added Makefile support
Added build.bat support(Windows)
Added dsss build exampe, bat build example, Makefile build exampe.
"D language" CHM help up to date with D 1.027


SciTE4D Home:
yidabu at gmail dot com

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